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27 May 2015
On this occasion we have opened and reviewed a Mega Bloks set - John Deere Bale Transport Unit no 80841. The set incorporate John Deere tractor with spades, Pickup truck and 6 bales of 'hay'. Set also got the mini figures with John Deere logo on his or her t-shirst. We can easily find 384 pcs of blocks from the box which keeps us entertained for a very long time. The instruction booklet is pretty good and assembling the full set just isn't too complicated. The Mega Bloks quality does not deviates from Lego blocks. Inside my personal opinion Lego in this area is even little behind, even as may not find similar sets with Lego logo. The Mega Bloks making really decent construction blocks, there is certainly quite a bit selections of sets branded by famous makes like today's John Deere, Jeep or CAT. Lego merely has city line which is more infantine than Mega Bloks. Ok back to the particular set. I'd loads of fun building it with my son Oskar, please visit the recording below if you need to see our review. Oskar was helping us a lot, on the other hand will not hiding that assembling that focused on his or her own could be very challenging. Oskar did let me a great deal when assembling bales. We had 6 of which to create and so i said to Oskar. He was following my instructions perfectly, even I had been very surprised just how well he was doing. My lovely son is impressing me every single day. I enjoy constructive toys because i played them them a whole lot as a kid and i also know on my small example how simple bricks can be cultivated child. I'd only few sets but using imagination I used to be able to create almost everything. My imagination was just limit back then. Today children have a lot of toys, but lacking something.. imagination. Very few of which may use it properly. TV ads showing them how to play in the advertised toys, plus many occasions kids doing only what ads shows. I'm attempting to show Oskar that he may use each toy however he likes. I will be looking to engage him while playing together, the reason (I assume) my son likes to use me.
Surprise eggs

John Deere Bale Transport Unit set is an excellent illustration of a toy that you can use in countless ways. Kids can pretend their minifigures are farmers and possess to move bales from point A to B. Try load them on trailer, or move these phones the barn (builded using their company toys). We can also pretend pick up truck had an accident and fall over and done with a trailer brimming with bales. The John Deere tractor and two kind farmers are coming to the rescue to help pick-up driver to wash that mess! You will find there's limitless quantity of scenarios in my experience, particularly if we've few more sets. We could mix them together and play a lot of stories. I don't want my son to help keep sets in stock - it is always good spot for collectioner, although not for children. They supposed to be in their reach, for them to easily play them!
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Beth | 3 years 1 month ago
It is horrible trying to figure out you put togther the hitch on the trailer.

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